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   Time Attendance Biometric Devices

TA 100
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FINGERTEC TA100 series offers a 'touch-and-go' concept with its powerful one-to-many identification technique which can verify a user with only a touch of a fingerprint on the sensor. Neither keying in of employee identification number is required in advance nor is time clocking card needed to record time using the FINGERTEC TA100 series...more

AC 100
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FINGERTEC® AC100 Series is a straightforward fingerprint time attendance reader created to meet important criteria required for employee attendance management. It is a perfect replacement of conventional punch clock (or time recorder) to eradicate buddy-punching occurrences and to acheive automation of human resource management....more

Fingertec AC100 Plus Series ADD TO CART
FINGERTEC® AC100 Plus Series is a equipped with URU scanner to suit to rougher environments and for users with poor quality figerpirnts. Its work code settings to enhance attendance management, and USB flash drive feature provides an option for data transfer to accommodate crucial human resource administration...more

TA103 with RFID Function for Time Attendance ADD TO CART
FingerTec® introduces a combination of fingerprint verification and proximity card function in one simple yet effective time and attendance system. FingerTec® TA103-R provides variety and convenience in verification methods for attendance reporting without compromising on the effectiveness of the entire system. ..more
Hand punch device
Handpunch Hand Punch 3000 Device ADD TO CART
We brings the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology easily within reach of most time and attendance applications. In operations that range from coal mines to clean rooms, RSI systems have proven themselves to be a practical and precise solution. Our terminals are so affordable, it doesn't make sense to consider any other technology...more
   Access Control Biometric Devices
Fingertec Key lock 6600

Fingertec Key lock 6600 ADD TO CART
Mechanical Door Lock System
FINGERTEC® Keylock 6600 effortlessly delivers security and sophistication to your access control with a combination of fingerprint verification technology, password and mechanical key to safeguard your property; its sleek design and robust structure adds the solid and exquisite appearance to your space...more
   Access Control & Time Attendance Biometric Devices
Fingertec Fingerprint Time Attendance and Door Access System
AC 800
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Highly popular FINGERTEC® AC800 series offers remarkably straight forward installations for door acess implementaions to various types of door. It safeguards your propertiesand provides a fine balance to cater to most of time attendane functionality...more
Fingertec Fingerprint Time Attendance and Door Access System
Fingertec AC800 Plus ADD TO CART
Introducing FINGERTEC® AC800 Plus series; an advanced fingerprint reader designed to have door access control function and time clocking function, all in one system. The FINGERTEC® AC800 Plus series utilizes the URU scanner, a superior optical scanner that produces greater accuracy and sensitivity, giving you excellent read all the time...more
Fingertec AC900
AC 900
Fingertec AC900 ADD TO CART
FINGERTEC® AC900 Series Fingerprint Access Control System delivers confidence and convenience by personalization of users through their fingerprints and eliminating the use of card system for door access. The FINGERTEC® AC900 Series provides the perfect balance between stylish ultra-modern door access reader and its practicality...more

M2 / R2
Redefine Security M2/R2 ADD TO CART
Door Access & Time Attendance System
It is time to redefine security with the latest models of fingerprint Door Access & Time Attendance System,Fingertec M2 and Fingertec R2, incorporating biometrics feature and RFID card system as verfication options, the newest Fingertec readers are providing users with absolute comfort and convenience in every use. Additionally it is also providing Wiegand Input/Output communication, to ease integration with third party card reader or door controller...more
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